What is the best fabric to sleep in?

Good sleep depends on a number of factors including the sleep environment which includes temperature. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for good quality sleep should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing the right fabric to sleep in can help your body maintain a good temperature, helping ensure minimal sleep disruptions and a refreshed feeling in the morning. So what fabrics exactly help and how?


First lets talk about what you should steer clear of. Synthetic fabrics generally have very little moisture absorption capability and tend to keep heat close to the body. This can create a ripe environment for bacterial growth and can lead to very hot and sweaty sleep. Polyesters and Nylons should be avoided !


Cotton is a great natural fabric,  breathable and generally lightweight and soft. It can be easily maintained-  machine washable - and will generally retain its texture. While cotton is a great fabric to sleep in for the summer, it can be a bit lacking in the winter as Cotton doesn’t have any thermoregulating properties . Another downside is the production process of making Cotton which happens to be very water intensive and releases lots of carbon pollutants into the atmosphere.


Silk is another great sleep fabric. Unlike Cotton, Silk it is a great thermoregulator - meaning it will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. It has a great silky texture and wont irritate the skin. However, real silk is costly and it is not easy to take care of - most silk will have to be dry-cleaned. Another negative is that the process of making silk is considered cruel as the silk comes from silk worms which are boiled alive to extract the silk.



Tencel fabric is a relatively new natural fabric which combines the benefits of silk and cotton, plus the durability of synthetic fabrics. Tencel is a naturally thermoregulating fabric made of Eucalyptus tree pulp. The fabric will help keep you cool in the heat and warm when its cold. It is 3x more moisture absorbing than Cotton and extremely breathable. 

What is the best fabric to sleep in? Side by side comparison of Cotton Vs Polyester Vs Tencel

Texture can vary depending on thread count, weight, weave and finish - but our Tencel Pajamas  are made extremely soft, with a silky, peach fuzz-like finish similar to silk. The moisture wicking and breathability properties ensure less sweat and bacteria while you sleep, plus the fabric is naturally hypoallergenic so no night time itching and scratching. (We’d say its even better than going au naturel.) Unlike Silk, Tencel can be washed in the washing machine and is extremely durable. Tencel is made in a sustainable and eco-friendly process which reduces water waste, keeps the environment clean and creates a 100% organic and biodegradable product.  Plus it is cruelty free!

So here we go, a quick rundown of some common sleepwear fabrics. The next time you go down the pajama isle, make sure to pay close attention and choose what suits you best!

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