Our Story


In the summer of 2016, Bare Slumber founder -Michelle Tab was visiting in the Middle East. The summer there was sweltering hot and the AC was unavailable- and as a result every night was a sweaty mess. Pajamas were not helping with the heat - they were actually making it worse.


When she returned to LA she began to search for a fabric that would be super comfortable - especially in the heat. She went to various fabric trade shows and met with leaders in the textiles industry in search of the perfect sleeping fabric. After some time researching and testing different fabric swatches she finally found the perfect one - it combined the silkiness and aesthetic of Silk, the breathability of Linen and absorbed moisture 3x better than Cotton - plus it had the magical “cold side of the pillow” feel and was good for the environment. The concept was officially underway.


With the aid of the team at University of Southern California’s Blackstone Launchpad, a thorough start-up process was planned an executed. The process started from the customer - design surveys and fabric tests were done to figure out how to come out with the perfect pajama. After all the surveys and tests were done - the design team created a pattern and samples accordingly. The samples would be tested and revised a few times before the final product was finalized.


Once this was done - Bare Slumber went live on Kickstarter and surpassed the funding goal! This was was the official start of something new. Production began right away in Los Angeles and soon enough Bare Slumber was alive and kicking. Today Bare Slumber is helping women stay cool, comfy and beautiful in our classic pink Eucalyptus Silk PJs :)