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The world's most comfortable sleepwear...

Made from Eucalyptus Silk

Crowd-designed for sleep comfort & functionality

All-natural, organic & sustainable

Designed & made in Los Angeles

"My friend recently had surgery, she has been wearing them non stop all day"

- Satisfied customer 


  • Odor Free

  • Anti Bacterial

  • Temperature Regulating

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Soft

  • Machine Washable

  • Quick Drying

  • Non-Shrink

  • Organic

  • Cruelty Free

  • Sustainably Sourced

Thermoregulating Fabric

Our sleepwear fabric, called Tencel is made of nanofibers which essentially suck in the moisture around them - and they do so extremely well. 50% better than Cotton to be exact. Once the moisture is trapped within the nanofibers - it is released to the dryer microclimate away from your body. 


This whole process does a few things:

It keeps your body dry

It transports heat and sweat away from you helping you stay cool

It eliminates an enviornment for bacteria, fungi and bad odors to grow, keeping you clean

The result is sleepwear that is cooler than linen, and more dry and hygenic than cotton. 

Luxuriously smooth & soft

The same nanofibers which keep you cool and dry, happen to be:

inherently hypoallergenic

extremely gentle on your skin

anti-static and anti-cling

extremely smooth and soft

Thoughtful Design

Our sleep designs essentially come from you! We started out with surveying hundreds of sleepers, about design preferences - again and again. The top designs and features were analyzed by an expert apparel design team - which brought the designs to life with sleepwear prototypes. Next these first prototypes were sleep tested for comfort and functionality - we took the feedback back to our design team, made the changes, and walla! Bare Slumber sleepwear is the final result. 


Each bare slumber sleep item is made with the planet in mind. Our material is one of the most eco-friendly out there. The sleepwear is made from renewable Eucalyptus trees, farmed organically with natural rain water. The fiber processing uses 99% recycled solvents, and is done so in a 100% non-toxic, closed-loop processing plant which ensures no chemicals get into the atmosphere. The whole process uses 20 x less water used for Cotton production and emits 5x less carbon emissions than Polyester production. The sleepwear is all natural, organic and biodegradable ! In addition, all products are vegan and cruelty-free - that means no silk worms were hurt in the process!

Easy Care

Hand washing is time consuming, and dry cleaning is expensive. The inherent anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties of Bare Slumber sleepwear ensures that you'll wash them less frequently than other sleepwear - but when you do, it will be super simple. That's because you can machine wash, and tumble dry our sleepwear. It is extremely durable (the highest amongst all cellulose fibers), shrink resistant, quick drying, and wrinkles less that cotton.