Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes the flurry of chocolates, roses and romantic dinners out. This year, spoil the woman in your life (or spoil yourself - hey its also Single Awareness Day!) with some thoughtful gifts that she will actually enjoy well after Valentine’s Day. Here we have a list of 3 gifts she will love!

 Eucalyptus Plant - Helps Better Sleep

1. A bedroom plant. Instead of a bundle of roses, surprise her with a living bedroom plant - it will surely be a breath of fresh air! Living plants can help purify the air in the bedroom by absorbing toxins and naturally releasing Oxygen. According to studies, leaves and roots of plants can absorb air pollutants such as cigarette smoke and even cleaning solvents. In addition, the extra oxygen that living plants release into the atmosphere adds extra benefits for the body, including better sleep. So what plants work best? Peace Lilies are a great choice as they are a low maintenance plant with elegant looking white flowers. They don’t require direct sunlight which is perfect for shady bedrooms.  Another great option is the Lavender plant. The benefits of Lavender are two-fold - in addition to the air-purifying benefits, the Lavender scent has been widely used in aromatherapy to help calm the mind, decrease anxiety, and increase light sleep. The Snake Plant is another great option - it actually releases Oxygen at night while simultaneously taking in Carbon Dioxide - helping improve sleep quality.


Pajamas in Blush Pink

2. Comfy feel-good pajamas. Sure she loves the makeup, high heels and fancy dresses - but at the end of the day, nothing is more appreciated than slipping into a pair of comfortable sleepwear. You can kill two birds with one stone by gifting her PJs that are not only super comfortable, but also look flattering, cute and sexy. When choosing comfortable pajamas - fabric is key. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics will trap in heat and sweat, as well as collect bacteria - making the sleep experience a sweaty mess. Instead opt for fabrics made of Cottons and natural materials like Linen. Go above and beyond and impress her with these Eucalyptus Silk PJS - made to naturally thermoregulate body heat, prevent bacterial growth and look super cute!


3. Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been known to be a great aphrodisiac - some say even more than chocolate! One easy way of incorporating it into daily life is through an aromatherapy diffuser. Drop in a few drops of essential oils and the diffuser will take care of the rest - spreading the scents thought out the bedroom and beyond. Jasmine, Vanilla, Yland Ylang and Rosewood  are known to be naturally arousing. Lavender, Bergamot and Clary Sage are perfect for de-stressing, relaxing the mind, feeling calm, and helping her slip into a comfortable slumber.


We are sure she will love these relaxing gifts for months and months. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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