5 Ways to Wear Your PJs Out of the House

Pajamas are comfortable - plain and simple. If we could wear them all day we probably would. Truth is- with a few simple adjustments you can wear your pajamas to brunch, work, and even a night out. Here are 5 simple ways to style your PJs to ensure you roll out of bed looking stylish. 

1. Casual Chic: Tuck your Pajama Tshirt into a pair of high-waisted black jeans, add a black belt and stylish sneakers. Super comfortable and ready for running errands or grabbing some coffee. 


Bare Slumber Pink Pajama Top Paired with Black Jeans, Black Belt and White Sneakers. Very Comfortable and super stylish.


2. Office Stunner: Pair a Pajama camisole with a medium-length black skirt, add a black blazer and black heels. Walla! Ready for all the day's meetings. 

Bare Slumber Pajama Camisole paired with a black blazer, black skirt and black heels - perfect pajama look for work.



3. Day Party Look: Try a pair of Pajama Shorts paired with a white tank, add a jean jacket and wedges. Oh so comfy yet so stylish!

Bare Slumber Pink Pajama Shorts Paired with a White Tank Top, White Jean Jacket and Black Wedges.


4. Fashionista: Go for the complete pajama set - camisole and shorts, add a big furry coat on top and throw on some black heels.

Bare Slumber Pajama set - Camisole and Shorts - Paired with Furry Jacket and Black heels


5. Life of the Party: Pajama Camisole tucked into black mini skirt, paired with a black belt, heels and handbag. 

Bare Slumber pajama camisole paired with a black mini skirt, black belt, black heels and black handbag.



Life is too short to be uncomfortable! Enjoy!

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