3 Tips for Keeping Your Cool & Preventing Night Sweats This Summer

Summer is finally here and with it comes warmer temperatures, long days at the pool and even a vacation or two. What also comes with the summer is humidity, heat waves and sweat - so much sweat. This can be especially annoying at night when you wake up drenched in sweaty pajamas and bed sheets. We’ve all been there. However, there are actually some easy steps you can take to prevent the dreaded night sweat.


  1. First of all, you should double check all the fabrics you are engulfed in during the night. Check your underwear, pajamas, bed sheets, pillows, comforters, and even your mattress liners. Synthetic fabrics will generally trap the heat in and make things hotter. So polyesters - out the door. Ideally you will want all your nighttime fabrics to be made of natural, breathable, moisture absorbing materials. Our Tencel pajamas are perfect for the summer. They absorb three times more sweat than Cotton pajamas, keeping you dry, cool and comfortable throughout the night.  In fact, they have special Eucalyptus nano fibers that actually feel “cool” to the touch - and feel cooler the more moist they are. How’s that for a self-cooling pajama? ;-)
  2. Next is ventilation. Cranking on the air conditioner seems to be hit or miss. Some love it, some hate it - especially if its blowing air directly to the face. Another alternative would be to open a window. If you live in a super humid climate, this might not be the best option, especially if you you don’t have nets on the windows to prevent mosquitoes or other insects getting in. But some homes are built with windows strategically placed to get a perfect breeze. If this is the case for you, crack open the window and enjoy the natural breeze. If you don’t like the open window or the air conditioner the best option would be a fan. A fan can give off just the right amount of cool air - not as strong as an AC but slightly more than a cracked open window.
  3. There’s one final tip for keeping cool at night and it is so easy to do! Most people already take showers before bed so incorporating this next step will be a piece of cake. All you have to do is take a cool shower before bed, or if you can’t stand the cool shower, turn the dial to slightly cooler water for the last 10-15 seconds of your shower. This will cool down your body temperature and get you ready for a sweat-free night’s rest.


There are many more tips for keeping the sweat out of your nightly routine however these are out top 3, we hope you enjoy keeping your cool.

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